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Kindred (dictionary definition):
1. A group of close or related persons, as a clan or tribe.
2. People who share similar or common qualities, beliefs, attitudes or traits with one another.
1. Similar in kind, having similar or common qualities, origin, nature, character etc.
2. Kindred spirit: a person with whom one has something in common.


***** Mission Statement / Philosophy *****

The Kindred is an open-concept guild.

We are not elitist and nor are we exclusionary.

Our main focus is to provide players with a good atmosphere in which to enjoy the game. We cooperate and grow together as a close group of kindred friends.

We value all of our members and treat everyone as an equal. – We freely and openly promote all members to Officers. We encourage all of our Officers to get involved, recruit/accept invitations from other players who share our values, kick inactive members, and generally share responsibility for the guild… We aim to empower a sense of feeling like this is ‘your’ guild.

We are not a guild that is ‘owned’ or led by any person, but belongs to all of us. We share the leadership between our most long-standing active players, as a way to actively show that we are not a guild that is ‘owned’ or led by any particular person – The Kindred belongs to all of it’s members.

We personally operate in complete transparency, have no secrets and believe in openness. – Hence the purpose of this thread, sharing our guild news with the rest of the world!

Our core members are some of the most active players in the game. A guild is only as good as its members. – If you sit back and do nothing or say nothing you will indeed feel left out. – A good community is built on trust, a mature social attitude and being generous.

If you believe that you are better than others because of your rank or are a person who imagines that elitism is the way to be, you may not like it here. The Kindred is a community aimed at civility, friendship and a calm and relaxed manner of game-play. If you have no sense of humour or are a puritan – you may not like it here either.

^^ Don’t confuse that above statement to think that we are not competitive players though.

Inflexibility and egoism are the failure of all groups. Let yours go and you will have a great time with us – Level up! Gear up! Group up and move as ONE – The Kindred!

The Kindred
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