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    Desert Secret Area Locations *...

    4 July 2015 , by poisondwarf

    Thanks goes out to Gigantopithicus, Honko and Kroggi for contributing to the find and images of the secret areas! -poisondwarf- Secret Area 1 – Welcome to the Desert Secret Area 2 – Escort the Caravan Secret Area 3 – The Missing Caravan Secret Area 4 – The Desert Watchpost Secret Area 5 – Scout the Thieves’ Camp ... Read more

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    Secret Room – Overpowere...

    10 June 2015 , by Annie

    There is a secret room in a mission in Jungle. If you have missed it, it’s under Southern Temple cluster of missions. Overpowered Nerds. Anyhow, here’s a screenshot of the location. I’ve opened it already, so use the Big Crystal underneath as a point of reference to find the hidden door. You’ll find a chest there, and will h... Read more

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    Jungle Update

    27 May 2015 , by poisondwarf

    Now the jungle is here It brings some changes and here is a short summary of the main things that are important to know. * The max level is now 45 * Some things are reserved to max level. These are: * Brotherhood * Heroic tiers in multi-player sessions * Power Fragments (no Tx runs, no frags) * Tiering up items with... Read more

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    Contribution Bonus

    24 May 2015 , by Andaho

    In the Skill Tower, the Contribution Bonus skill adds 5% extra per level. For guild tokens, it rounds to the nearest whole token. Depending on what level you have the Contribution Bonus skill at, here is a list of how much gold to donate to earn extra tokens from rounding up: Contribution Bonus skill level 1 = 10,000 (gives 11... Read more

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    We Want You!

    18 May 2015 , by JoMaLe

    Hey you in the Shirt! Updated 1 September 2015 Our International Guild is looking for active players that are serious about the game but also like to have fun. Our Guild cap is now 150 members and we have a few more spots left to fill. The Kindred is one of the top level guilds. Our Core Group players were among the... Read more

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    Post-Guild-Reset Recruitment

    13 May 2015 , by Andaho

    Hey You in the shirt!   UPDATED: 16 May 2015 The guild reset has happened. Rebuilding guilds to max level again will take a LONG time and a lot of guild activity. – New guild building upgrades require a lot of ‘guild points’, and hence, a lot of guild activity. The Kindred has a strong core of daily highly active players,... Read more

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    Forest Secret Area Locations *...

    5 May 2015 , by Annie

    Thanks goes out to dansonage and Jynx980 for contributing to the find and images of the secret areas! -Annie- Secret Area 1 – Across the River Secret Area 2 – The Bear’s Lair Secret Area 3 – Chase the Goblin Leader Secret Area 4 – Defeat the Untouched Forces Secret Area 5 – Sneak to Marauder Camp Each link will o... Read more

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    Welcome to The Kindred Home!

    1 May 2015 , by JoMaLe

    We are a guild involved in a Code Name Entertainment game called Shards of Titan. Our members are from all over the world including: Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Romania, France, Italy, Russia, Latvia, Greece, Canada, Chile and the United States. Our members come in all shapes and sizes, from 20 to 60 + in age, both male and female. If.... Read more

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    Who are The Kindred

    28 April 2015 , by Andaho

    Kindred (dictionary definition): noun 1. A group of close or related persons, as a clan or tribe. 2. People who share similar or common qualities, beliefs, attitudes or traits with one another. adjective 1. Similar in kind, having similar or common qualities, origin, nature, character etc. 2. Kindred spirit: a person with whom one has something in ... Read more

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