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The Kindred is one of the largest and most established guilds in the game. We have over a hundred active members, but we still have room for you!

We are proud to have a very mixed culture and age range within our group of players. The average age of members in The Kindred is about 40, ranging from under 18 to over 65. We have members from all corners of the world, so you’ll almost always find at least a few of us online 24/7.

Some of us are competitive players, that want to see us grow into the strongest guild in the game – while others of us are casual players that just enjoy our varied social group, chat and play for fun.

We have a liberal attitude in our community, meaning that we’re willing to respect or accept behaviour or opinions different from our own; we’re always open to new ideas.

What does it mean to be a member of The Kindred?

The Kindred belongs equally to all of it’s members. We don’t operate under a hierarchy and everyone is treated as an equal. That is why every member is an officer.

You could call us an Organised Anarchy: If anyone feels that something needs to change, or something needs to be organised, we encourage any member to ‘step-up’ and organise it. Most of us are free spirited players that don’t like to be a sheep.

We organise lots of multiplayer runs together. We have a lively guild chat and we try to encourage the spirit of helping guildmates.

Who can join The Kindred?

There are no requirements to join, other than being an active player.

If a player doesn’t log in for more than 4 weeks, they may be at risk of getting kicked to make space for others to join. Let someone know if you’re planning to go on an extended holiday or something.

If you’d like to join us, use the guild button to search for “The Kindred”, send us an application, and ask for any Kindred member in the chat to accept it – we’re all officers, so everyone can accept applications.

If you are leaving your old guild to join us, guild contribution tokens are not transferable, but guild Skill Tower purchases do transfer when you move – so spend your tokens before you leave a guild.

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