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Journey Boss glitch

In “Journey to the River” there is a glitch, which enables you to skip the Boss fight entirely.

Since it is one of the hardest Bossfights, especially on the Forest Map, we will share the information with you.

It is somewhat lag-related, so you need to find a way to bottleneck your internet connection. Here are some examples that may work:

– Start one or multiple downloads at the same time
– Start a Bandwidth-Test or Speed-Test (that should keep your connection occupied by definition)
– if you are running on a mobile device such as tablets phones or laptops and you are connected via Wifi, try going somewhere where your Wifi is almost out of reach

If none of the options above help, just try combining them at the same time 😉

And finally here is how the glitch works:

– keep walking right and upwards when you enter the Boss area (walk to the chest)
– stand as shown in the picture
– perform you “bad connection”-routine as stated above
– click as far left as you can, to trigger the spiders ( and a textbox i think – just it spacebar to get rid of it)
– keep on clicking to the left until you are completely past the Boss-area, try walking to the flowers near the river
– when you get to a certain area the game thinks you completed the mission and a short “mission accomplished” text box will appear, thats when you know it worked
– the boss fight will trigger anyway and often times glitch-freeze
– just refresh your browser window and log in again, the rewards and statistics will show up and you are done

(Thanks to IcoS for the picture)

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    DJ0456 Thu, 19 March, 2020 at 05:59 -

    Check the comment on Desert Secret Area

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