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Now the jungle is here :) It brings some changes and here is a short summary of the main things that are important to know.

  • * The max level is now 45
  • * Some things are reserved to max level. These are:
    • * Brotherhood
    • * Heroic tiers in multi-player sessions
    • * Power Fragments (no Tx runs, no frags)
    • * Tiering up items with power fragments

New stuff:

  • * Jungle missions give you jungle tokens. The Base Camp has a vendor where you can buy stuff for them. He will appear after you send him there during the 1st mission of the 2nd bunch. When you go to the Base Camp again, he is the 1st guy to the left in front of a wagon.
  • * Bad is that he has not much you would want. Maybe the 5% XP potion is interesting. It lasts for 1h and costs 25 Jungle Tokens
  • * The blue gear is maybe a nice buy for companions when you don’t need xp potions anymore and have too many jungle tokens. And if your companions don’t have epics all over.

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