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UPDATED: 16 May 2015

The guild reset has happened. Rebuilding guilds to max level again will take a LONG time and a lot of guild activity. – New guild building upgrades require a lot of ‘guild points’, and hence, a lot of guild activity.

The Kindred has a strong core of daily highly active players, and we usually have no trouble finding players to play MPs together (we have a well balanced number of players in USA and Europe).

We were recruiting heavily pre-guild-reset, but still have a small number of spaces available. As of 16 May 2015 we have 5 spaces, and also around 5 more that are ripe for kicking due to 1 month+ inactivity. We treat all players as equals (all active players are promoted to Officer status), and encourage all members to get involved as much (or as little) as they want in anything they want to :)

If you are looking to move to a more active guild, relaxed but competitive, we give a warm welcome to anyone who joins us!

Our guild rebuilding is going as fast as possible by the new daily limits on daily guild points available to earn… We’re chasing Occasional Questing in terms of guild wealth for the #1 ranking (we were formed about 2 months later than them). So we’d love to have anyone who wants to come and help! :) (a bit of friendly competition always makes the game more fun!)

For more info about The Kindred, feel free to browse our website :)
For more info about the guild reset, read here: http://forum.codenameentertainment.com/?thread_id=10372

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