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Q: Can I give my companions equipment I have found?
A: Yes! since an update on Friday, March 20th 2015, you can now give companions equipment.

Q: How do I level up companions?
A: Companions can be levelled up to the maximum level of your tavern, in your tavern, at the cost of ‘green goo’ (companion xp orbs)

Q: Where can I find more companions?
A: As you progress through the campaign story, you will meet new companions that will join you. The first new companion you’ll meet is early in the Desert area (after completing the Temperate Rainforest).

Q: How many companions can I use at once?
A: 2.

Q: What is the loyalty of companions used for?
A: To enable companion side-missions (where they find new equipment), you need to have their loyalty to a certain level. The current known loyalty levels are (in order): Stranger, Friendly, Honored, Revered, Exalted. Raising loyalty level also increases their stats (makes them stronger).

Q: How do I increase companion loyalty?
A: Loyalty is earned very slowly, just by using companions in battle.

Q: Can I play missions without any companions?
A: No, you always need to have 2 companions with you. The only exception (where you don’t use companions), is in the multi-player dungeons.

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