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Guild potions of different levels can stack together. For example, you can use End lvl 1, + End lvl 2 + End lvl 3 to gain 6% bonus.

Rather than waste loads of money on attempting to enchant, buy luck runes from the guild shop.

When you run out of stamina, you can continue playing for ‘free’. This gives you no mission rewards, loot or experience, but you can advance through the campaign. This is especially useful for ‘travelling’ missions in-between main missions.

Click a target in battle to focus your attacks toward the selected enemy.
(Thank you ‘Sparky13′, for suggesting the tip to be added, because they didn’t realise you could do this until late in the game)

When you reforge equipment in the blacksmith, the little green bars to the right of each of the secondary stats tells you how your stat compares to the maximum that can be rolled on that item (mouse-over to see numbers).

Use the space bar to skip dialogue.

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