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Q: What is Shardium?
A: Shardium is the premium currency in this game, used for buying premium items/features.

Q: Does that mean that this game is P2W (pay to win)?
A: The developers have stated that they do not intend this game to become P2W. That free players will still be able to compete with paying players. They have stated that they favour pay to skip over P2W.

Q: Can I get Shardium for free?
A: Yes, you can currently earn shardium the following ways:

Daily Tasks: earn 10 shardium every day by completing the Daily Tasks to earn 65 devotion (you need to have reached level 24 and built the Shard Quarry to be able to do this).

Daily Check-In Reward Chests: Receive 10 shardium at day 17, and 25 at day 26.

During the Valentine’s Day event, there was a VERY hard secret bonus area. The rewards for completing it included 1000 character shardium!

Q: What is the difference between character shardium and account shardium?
A: Character shardium can only be used/seen on that character. Account shardium is shared by all characters on your account.

Q: What is the best way to use gems to increase stats?
A: Many new players make the mistake of crafting gems to the highest possible level. It’s far more efficient to have multiple small gems in each piece of equipment, than crafting 1 gem to a high level and having equipment with empty gem slots.

Q: Something in the game has broken, what do I do?
A: Always try reloading the game first. If the problem doesn’t fix itself, you can open a support ticket to the devs by clicking on the “Help” button above the game.

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