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Q: What is the main benefit of being in a guild?
A: To complete 2 of the Daily Tasks (Make a Guild Contribution and Spin the Casino Wheel).

Q: What is contributing gold to the guild for?
A: The guild wealth is used to upgrade the guild buildings. Also, when you donate gold, you receive contribution tokens.

Q: What are guild contribution tokens used for?
A: You can spend your contributions in the guild buildings for various bonuses for your own character.

Q: How do I upgrade the guild buildings?
A: Only the guild leader can upgrade the guild buildings. It is done from the guild admin tab.

Q: Why are the buildings in my guild not getting upgraded by my leader more often?
A: More than likely, it’s because the upgrading is expensive.

Q: But what if I don’t want to be in a guild? – How do I stop all these annoying guild invites?
A: Create your own guild where you are the only member. That way, the invites will stop, and you can complete the daily guild tasks. With the new guild system, it is not advisable to create your own guild. It is really expensive!

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