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Q: How do I play multi-player (MP) missions?
A: At player level 15 you can upgrade the Shard Gate to level 2 (at a cost of 50k gold) which enables joining the first MP mission.

Q: When can I play The Crystal Crusade (Desert MP)?
A: You need to complete the Temperate Rainforest and reach level 25.

Q: Do MP missions cost stamina?
A: No. But players are limited to 5 multi-player games per day.

Q: What is the main benefit of multi-player missions?
A: The MP missions have rare (blue) items in the mission reward cards. MP missions also give much more experience than single player missions (due to their harder difficulty).

Q: Is it possible to play multi-player missions alone?
A: Yes, but you need to be very strong. There is actually an achievement for completing the MP missions solo.

Q: What are heroics and tiers?
A: When reaching the max level, you can play not only normal MPs but also heroic ones. These are available in different difficulty levels from T1 (simple heroic) to T6 (mad heroic). The tiers are available for all MPs, that is forest (The Untouched Incursion), desert (The Crystal Crusade), and 6 different Brotherhood bounties.

Q: Can I choose any tier of heroic?
A: No, you have to play normal to play T1, T1 to unlock T2 and so on. Play = win the boss fight. But you don’t have to do it every time, just once. The game remembers you.

Q: If I am level 45, can I manage all tiers up to T6?
A: No, never ever. As Lvl45 is the current max level there is a huge variety of strength between players. As a new Lvl45 you may even have difficulties in winning a T1. If you are not sure about an MP, go with a party of people with higher battle rating/speed/damage who know the MP. They can tell you if it’s worth it.

Q: How difficult are the different tiers?
A: Difficult to answer…mostly it depends on the right combination of skills, but here’s an attempt to explain (all assumed that you are Lvl45 player):

  • * Forest: The run through the dungeon is not that hard. A party of new lvl45s should be able to do T1. The boss could be the stopper. He has ridiculous health and if he gets a chance to hit you, he will probably 1-hit kill you. One or two wizards with freeze and/or a warrior with overpower could save your lives. As of T2 one freezing wizard and 1 OP warrior are strongly recommended.
  • * Desert: For a party of new lvl45s, T1 is doable. Good health/Magic Resistance is an advantage because the boss has those 4 pillars with shock. A party with average 65-70BR should be able to do T2. Average 70-80BR could do T3. Everything further will require health and much damage.

Brotherhood Bounties:
Bounties have one advantage: you can get a taste of the map by choosing the single player version of it before. For all bounties apply: Be prepared for several tries at boss. And bring good heroes with you.

  • * Jimmy the Thief: Several smaller fights, the 2nd and 4th have 2 waves. Slyder at the end has 2 waves with each 5 bandits and a healthy and strong Slyder.
    Around 50BR you should opt for normal and no heroic, except you go with experienced players, then you can try T1. For T2 you should already have a strong party, a freezing wizard/OP warrior for Slyder is recommended. T3 is only for killers and you will probably know by yourself then if it is made for you.
  • * Spiderlings: They have low health but they are fast, very fast. As of T3 they bite you twice or more before you can even move and they come in bunches of 4-6. So: Try T1 and decide if you are fast enough for T2 or T3. After a while T2 should be in reach for a well balanced and average educated party. T3 is for experts.
  • * Starswirl: Starswirls’ flames also come in bunches. They are not as fast as spiders but more healthy and harder to kill. Here also: T1 is doable, T3 is only expert mode.
  • * The three newer bounties ‘Captain Seadog‘, ‘Chef Candice‘ and ‘Science Lab‘ are a step harder than the 3 older bounties. The bosses much stronger in T2, so: stay at normal as new Lvl45, try T1 with good educated players and T2+ is expert mode only.

Guild Bounty
Any of the Brotherhood Bounties can also be a Guild Bounty. Those can be found by clicking on the Guild icon and open the Bounty Hall. There is something special on those bounties, they level the enemies to the levels of the players who start the bounty. This means:

  • * If you all meet in lobby as we usually do, the enemy level will be calculated from all 4 players.
  • * One higher player can create the bounty and start it and then invite lower level players from inside. The level of the enemies will be the level of the player who started the MP.
  • * This means: if you are Lvl45 and want to offer a guild run for the lower level players, you should be able to solo the MP at normal level. If you can’t, you may search for the next stronger player in the party and meet him in Lobby. Then start and invite the lowest players. Or you gather another Lvl45 to second, but then you can only take 2 lowbies with you.
  • * Guilds use to do XP runs. That means, a Lvl 45 player starts the bounty and invites low level players. Those will die but gain a lot of XP so they can level up fast.
  • * Low level players have no briefed “right” to be dragged through XP-runs and high level players have no duty to do some. So be happy if a high level offers one and ask politely if somebody can do one, if you want to take part in one.
  • * Be aware that leveling-up fast has a dark side: you probably won’t be able to level up your gear as fast as yourself. This means that your level effectiveness becomes lower and you may start loosing fights you could win before.

Jungle MPs
With the release of the Jungle we got 3 new MPs. They require different levels to join at all.

  • * Into the Mines requires Lvl35. If your level effectiveness is good, a party of Lvl 35 players can do it. When it comes to heroic tiers…T4 is extremely hard. educated teams could manage T2-3.
  • * Insecurity System requires Lvl40. T3 is haaard!
  • * Undead Experiments requires Lvl45. Saw nobody doing T3 ever.

Q: I want to try a tier I never did before. How can I do this?
A: Ask other players in world or in party chat if they help you. They will. Don’t sneak in a high tier MP and spoil the session for all.

Q: What is a build run?
A: To have the best chances at the boss it is necessary that the rage/mana/energy (the bar at the right side of your skill set) is full. A build run is made to fill that up so that all party members have their hardest weapon on hand at the next kill run. In a build run, you use furious/aim/phase (or whatever skill you use to charge your weapons) and don’t do any serious hits on enemies, i.e. you don’t spend energy, just collect it.

Q: Must I leave when I die at boss?
A: No. Everybody wants to test their skills and often there are MP runs where all members of the party are at the upper edge of their abilities. And a good part of winning a boss fight is to be lucky…to get the first crit on boss, to not have them crit all dead in 1st round, to have a perfect match of skills among party members. So most likely, in challenging runs the first try on boss will be disastrous and your party will die. You then do 1 or more build runs and try again. And once more, and several times if needed. Some runs can last more than 1h if the party is stubborn.
If your party want you to leave because you are the ‘weak link’ that makes winning impossible, they will probably tell you.

Q: Are there other netiquette things I should know for MPs?
A: It would be nice if you could keep a few things in mind…

  • * Don’t sneak in a high tier MP and spoil the session for all if you are not sure if you can do it. Ask the party if they are happy with you before the run starts.
  • * When you have 54BR, just don’t enter a T2 run, you won’t be helpful!
  • * If you are the host of a MP, it would be polite to ask all people in your lobby if they are happy with the party before you drag them into the run. Especially with players you don’t know yet. When everybody says ‘Hi’ in Lobby, one can check the profiles of each by clicking on the player name and decide if the run is doable.
  • * Don’t leave a run just because you died at the boss. As illustrated above, it may have been just an unlucky start.
  • * Never ever leave without notice! If you think the party won’t be able to finish or if you think you are the cause of this, ask your party if you can/if they want you to leave.
  • * Same is valid when real life stuff comes in between. Don’t leave the rest of players hanging there! You have fingers, you can type! Tell them! If you are keen on very fair play and time allows: try to get replacement for you.
  • * Don’t step into a sync circle until all players are fully loaded in the MP! It causes lags and sometimes throws a team member out in town…
  • * Whack whackables nice and slow! If fast player whack too fast, you tend to hang in the whackables and spoil them for the others. So they won’t get loot from them. Nice and slow, one whack after the other. No need to hurry!

Q: How is the loot spread among players?
A: Each player has his own loot bag and everybody sees his own whacked stuff. So no need to worry, there is enough for everybody :)
Chests and loot bags must be opened by each layer, whackables can be whacked by one player and are then whacked for all.

Q: How do I know that we won’t win?
A: When you tried several times on a boss (let’s say 3-5 times, not counting build runs) and you don’t even come close to beat the boss and his minions, then you will most likely not win the run at all. You will notice after some runs what can be done with a little luck and what is forlorn. (If you just miss the win on an instance…you can try once more)

Q: What can I do when my party is not able to win?
A: If there’s only 1 ‘weak link’, your party can try to replace him. Before you do this, consider what kind of player you would need to succeed and ask in world or your guild chat if someone is willing to help. If you are 4 weak links…just admit loss, leave, and learn where your current limit is :)
Remember that each player can do only 5 MPs per day and consider if it’s worth an instance of them.

Q: How can I get help during a run?
A: So someone has to leave for whatever reason or you decided you have to replace one player. And you have found someone willing to rescue you. Then you have 2 options:

  • * The host of a run can “open” the instance, so that another player can jump in.
  • * The host can allow all remaining players to invite someone else.
    –> Only one can invite at a time, otherwise the lobby will be declared as full;
    –> Don’t leave an instance open if you don’t want somebody to jump in. If you want to try soloing an MP, close the instance. Just open it when you realize you need help. Again: Remember that each player can do only 5 MPs per day and if you leave your MP open, someone may jump in without need and waste an instance.

Q: What if the host leaves the run?
A: Someone else gets the honour. The concerned player can see this because (s)he gets an invitation/opening line below the player list.

Q: How can I help others with their MP?
A: As described above, you can jump in an instance and replace another player. To not waste an instance, ask if your help is needed or wanted in case someone just forgot to close the run again. Ask also if they really need your skills or if they would do better with someone else.


Helping lower level players:

For collecting power fragments you need 3 instances (Desert, Forest and Bounty MP). It’s up to you how to use the remaining 2. It is nice to offer at least one of those 2 for low level players to get a ‘free ride’ through a dungeon they can’t do alone. There are not that many low level players around and thus they might need company.
If you do so, please try to remember the following helper netiquette:

  • * Remember that you do something like an education run…explain whackables, maybe strategies etc.
  • * Show them where the levers and chests are.
  • * Talk to them. Show them that you all are in a multi-player run not just some people who accidentially met in an elevator.
  • * Especially in forest, but also in desert: stay behind them and let them do their fights. Jump only in if they seem to die.
  • * Or let them die and show them how to try again :)
  • * This can’t be done for fights with sync circles but for the others… If you go into fights together with them they will barely have the time to place a hit and get no loot bags.
  • * If they are stuck by loading or need some time…don’t run beyond. Wait for them. Keep in mind that they need every loot they can get!
  • * Try to spread the free rides…means: there is no need for 2 Lvl30 players in a normal forest/desert. It is better to offer 2 different runs.


Getting help from higher level players:

You’re welcome to ask higher level players for helping you through a Multi-player session. Especially if there are not enough players around matching your level.
But please, keep an eye on the following:


  • * Try to find players of your league. Meaning: If you host a run, announce it in world chat. That gives other lower level players the chance to join you.
  • * Try to find help BEFORE you start if you know you will need some. Jumping in a run in progress gives no remarkable loot to the helper.
  • * You can ask for help only for the last fight if you are just not able to kill the boss. If someone is willing to help, open the instance or invite him, when he’s in, close again.
  • * If you want to do a run, ask politely if someone wants to join the run. Look at the common tone in your guild: high level players also gather their teams politely asking and not demanding. Sometimes there are just not enough people and one has to wait. It is like RL: you don’t always get what you want!


  • * DON’T start the run as soon as a high level player appears. Again: Announce in world that it will be a free ride, so that other lower levels can join.
  • * DON’T open your session just for fun. If you need nobody to join, CLOSE IT. It is not friendly to allow others to jump in, it is annoying to arrive just to see the last boss dying.
  • * When someone joins you in a dungeon with chests (forest/desert), DON’T start the fight you are waiting for immediately after he arrived. Your helper would like to open his chests before.
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