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Q: What do the player stats points do?
A: Here is is a list of all the stat points and what they do:

Primary Stats: (these all add to battle stats, apart from speed)

1 Strength = 3 Attack Damage (AD), 1 Armour
1 Intelligence = 3 Ability Power (AP), 1 Magic Resist
1 Dexterity = 1.5 AD, 1.5 AP, 0.5 Armour, 0.5 Magic Resist
1 Endurance = 20 Health (HP)
1 Speed = Increases your attack speed (if it’s high enough, you can attack twice (or more) per turn)
1 Luck = 6 Critical Hit

Battle Stats:

Attack Damage = Physical damage done by Warrior or Ranger
Ability Power = Magic damage done by Wizard or Ranger
Armour = Physical damage reduction
Magic Resist = Magic damage reduction
Health = Hit points
Critical = Increases your chance to land critical hits (double damage)

Q: What is the difference between Attack Damage (AD) and Ability Power (AP)?
A: AD is physical damage, AP is magic damage. Wizard has no use for AD, Warrior has no use for AP but Ranger attacks are made up of both AD+AP.

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