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Q: What are the best skills to use?
A: These are currently the most commonly used skills (what is best for you is a matter of opinion):

It’s best to focus your skills into a few areas, rather than spread them around.

Two important skills that have a large effect on your Battle Rating are Healthy and your Primary Stat. The Primary Stat for each of the classes are:

  • Warrior: Strong
  • Wizard: Intelligent
  • Ranger: Dexterous

Every class has an auto attack skill that is forced to have 1 point in it. You can either upgrade auto attack, or use a basic power building attack. The basic power building attacks for each of the classes are:

  • Warrior: Strike
  • Wizard: Fireball
  • Ranger: Magic Arrow

It is a waste of points to invest in both auto attack and the basic power building attack.

When choosing between auto attack and the power building attack, be aware that: Auto attack does slightly less damage, but requires no interaction. The power building attacks require you to click (or press the number on the keyboard) for each attack. If you fail to click the basic power attack before your next attack, you will do an auto attack.

If using auto attack at max level, because of it’s forced 1 point, you have a spare point to put wherever you like.

The issue around “what are the best skills” is a controversial and widely opinionated subject. Basically, go with what you are comfortable with, and don’t be afraid to experiment a little :)

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