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Q: When can I build the…?
A: Buildings are unlocked based on the player level. Here is a list of levels that unlock new buildings, and a short description of their primary purpose:

  • Pet ShopLevel 5 (?) – Grow pets
  • BlacksmithLevel 6 – Upgrade and craft equipment
  • Fishing Hole Level 8 – Catch fish for extra stamina
  • ArenaLevel 10 – Fight other players PvP
  • Hall of TrialsLevel 10 – See how far you can get to earn tokens for spending on rewards
  • UniversityLevel 15 – Upgrade stats and production
  • Gold MineLevel 21 – Produce extra gold per hour
  • Shard QuarryLevel 24 – Dig for equippable shards that give bonus stats
  • BrotherhoodMax Level – Perform tasks to earn tokens for spending on rewards

Pet Shop

Q: Do I need pets?
A: Well, basically: no. Building the Pet Shop is comparably expensive for a low level player regarding that it costs 100k lumber that you have hard to earn.

Q: Is there a reason to build the Pet Shop?
A: Having the Pet Shop adds related loot to your loot bags in missions and there is a feed bag gathering quest for which you get tokens with which you can buy pets after a (long) while. Don’t do the “Donate lumber” quest at the beginning. You need your lumber. The quests renew every 20h.

Q: What are pets for?
A: Different pets add different stats to your character and even your companions can have a pet.

Q: Where can I get eggs?
A: Eggs can be found as loot or you can buy them at the counter in Pet Shop

Q: How can I raise a pet?
A: You need an egg (common, rare, epic), 10 Growth Chamber Power Supplies of a kind (24h, 48h, 72h), 10 Growth Crystals of a kind (small, regular, large), 10 Purified Water of a kind (forest, desert, jungle). The used supplies determine the pet.

Q: What pets can I raise?
A: We add a pet page as soon as we figured out what pets can grow.


Everything around gear. Enchanting, crafting, gem socketing (devotion for dailies) and more to get better gear. For more details see the Blacksmith page.

Fishing Hole

Q: How do I fish?
A: Fishing is an idle activity. Just click on the water and wait. Fishing is limited to a maximum of 20 stamina per day. In normal mode: 1 stamina = 1 minute, VIP mode: 1 stamina = 1 second.

Q: Why can I not fish?
A: Either you already did it or you reached the ax of 200 stamina you can hold. Look at your character picture in the upper left of SoT. There is a number. This is your stamina. If it tells 200, you have to do one SP to fish.


Q: How does the arena pick my opponents?
A: Opponents are randomly chosen from 20 players ranked around you (between 15 above and 5 below). Close and re-open the arena to generate new random opponents.

Q: Why can’t I beat anyone?
A: Be careful not to advance too fast in the arena, or you may get stuck around players that you cannot beat. (For daily tasks you need to be able to win 5 times a day.) Wizards are the hardest because of shield and freeze.

Hall of Trials

Q: Why is the Hall of Trials (HoT) so hard?
A: The HoT is supposed to be hard. It’s the ultimate measure of how strong you are.

Q: Why am I not getting any loot in HoT?
A: HoT mobs do not drop any loot. It only rewards tokens when you beat the bosses.

Q: Do I lose my tokens if I reset?
A: No. You should reset the HoT every day to start from the beginning, to earn tokens daily.

Q: How many tokens does each boss reward?
A: In order, the bosses reward this number of tokens: 1,2,2,3,3,4,4,5,5,6,6,7 (from boss level 4 to 48)


Q: What are the best stats to upgrade first in the University?
A: Speed, Attack Damage (for Warrior & Ranger), Ability Power (for Wizard & Ranger), HP.

Shard Quarry

Q: How do I equip a shard I found in the quarry?
A: Inside the quarry, click the “Take All” button, then click “Equip” (to open your shard inventory). Drag the shard into the slot on your character.

Q: How do I level up a shard?
A: Drag one shard into the shard you want to level up. You can also use the “Combine All” button, that will automatically combine all shards into the best quality shard.

Paragon Brotherhood

Q: What is the max level of stats in the Brotherhood?
A: 100 each stat (20% bonus when maxed)

The Kindred
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