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Probably at some point in the game, the other players will tell you to get better gear. With introducing the level effectiveness, the devs made it impossible for players below max level that their gear remains good. The best gear is the gear that is on the same level as your character. So…

Q: How can I get better gear?
A: Well, first of all: you can find some. The problem is to find gear that matches your level. And even if you do, you will level up and your gear not. Good news: you can level your gear up. Bad news: you need ressources. It’s a bit complicated. Furthermore you can enchant gear and at max level you can additionally tier it.

Q: What is the difference between enchanting/leveling/tiering?
A: No matter what level your gear is, you can enchant it up to your and BS level. Enchanting makes the primary stats of your gear better. Leveling means you have, for example, gear with level 25 and want it to be level 30. Then you need level-up kits and can level them up. Tiering is the leveling for max level gear and you need power fragments for this. Both enhance the primary and the secondary stats of your gear. And if that’s not complicated enough… reforging changes the secondary stats.

Q: Why should I level up my gear?
A: Because of level effectivness. The further your character level and the level of your gear differs from each other, the harder are the fights and you will probably die a lot (depending on opponents). Low gear causes you to cause less damage while the opponents get more crits on you.

Let’s take a thorough look at the Blacksmith (also called BS) because this is the most important building on your shard after the Crystal.


Soooo, you click on the Blacksmith on your shard and it opens with some tabs. The “Enchant” tab is open as this is something you need for your daily devotion. Nevertheless, we will talk about one tab after the other.

The Blacksmith is a building on the shard as the other buildings are too, that means: you can level it up to the level of your Crystal, which you can level up to your character level until everything is on level 60. As the devs said they leave us alone now, level 60 will probably stay the max.


The “Blacksmith” tab serves the leveling up of the building. You can’t level the Blacksmith above the level of your Crystal and you can’t enrich anything on the other tabs above the level of the Blacksmith. If you’re new to the game and have no clue, you may also want to have a look at the page where the gear is explained.

Q: What do I need to level up the Blacksmith?
A: You need lumber and common scrap. Common scrap can be bought in the store or is gained by salvaging common gear (recommended). Try to keep the level of the Blacksmith at your level because it restricts the level to which you can enchant/level your gear.

Q: Where can I see the level of my BS?
A: Hover with the mouse over the building when at your shard. When BS is open, you see it in the title or on the “Blacksmith” tab. You will want to keep the BS at your level whenever possible.


Q: What is enchanting?
A: Enchanting adds some points to the primary stats and thus to your character. If you have trouble mastering the quests you get, try to pimp gear by enchanting.

Q: Where can I see the enchantment level of my gear?
A: It is listed as (+NUMBER) at the right of the item name. There is no relation between enchantment level and effect, i.e. enchanting 7 levels does not add 7 stat points.

Q: Where can I see the effect of enchanting?
A: Primary stats are listed as TOTAL (BASE STAT + ENCHANTING STAT), e.g. 2,992 (748+2,244). The primary stat of your gear is raised by 5% with each enchantment level. For the math freaks: BasePrimaryStat x (1+(EnchantLvl x 0.05).

Q: What are the costs for enchanting?
A: You can enchant with gold (recommended) or shardium (you won’t be that desperate). The price depends on the level of enchanting. Good news: at enchantment level 50 it starts again at 770.

Q: How to enchant?
A: Drag and drop the item to enchant into the left box. The right box is for luck runes if you want to raise the chances. That means: not each enchanting is successful, there are also fails where you loose the gold but get no stats.


Q: What is crafting?
A: Crafting means that you have some ressources and combine them to get something else. Some things, such as gems, are crafted to get something with higher stats, some things, such as gear or level-up kits, are mage from other stuff and become something new.

Q: How to craft gear?
A: Uncommon gear can be crafted right from the start. To craft blue gear, you need to find crafting recipes. There are 2 receipe types: rare designs and elegant. Rare designs craft up to Lvl 30 gear, elegant designs up to Lvl 45. But the actual level of the crafted gear depends on the level of your Blacksmith. When you found a receipe it goes to your inventory. Click on it and then “Use” to transfer the receipe into Blacksmith. Now you can craft blues.

Q: What can I craft?
A: As mentioned: uncommon and rare gear. But you can also craft gems, level-up kits and some other stuff for use and for your daily craft devotion.

Item Ressources Where What for
Rare Equipment (Receipe), common, uncommon, and rare scrap Salvage Well, it is gear up to lvl 30 or lvl 45. Companions can’t wear head gear or necklaces. Warrior and ring receipes are the most useful ones.
Luck Runes smaller luck runes loot and whack drops Increases the chances at enchanting (not quick enchant)
Uncommon Equipment common and uncommon scrap Salvage Uncommon (green) gear on BS level
Gems smaller gems loot, whack, and chest drops Socket in gear to add stats to your toon. See gems tab.
Refinement Crystals lower crystals Salvage Reforge
Level-Up Kits scrap depending on the kits Salvage Level/Tier
Guild Emblems common and uncommon scrap Salvage We have no clue. You can’t craft gear although this is stated above the emblems. But you get 1 guild point for your guild (max. 20 here) and 5 guild contribution points, with which you can get skills in your guild tower.

Q: What does it cost?
A: The costs are listed above the “Craft” button. Some crafting is for gold, other stuff can be crafted for free.



Q: What are gems for?
A: Gems add stats to your stats.

Q: How many gems can I socket?
A: You can socket up to 3 per gear. 1 is basic, the other sockets must be unlocked with slottig rods. Those can very rarely be found in drops and you get one for 27 days check-in.

Q: What gems are there?
A: Right from the start you can find gems and craft them. There are gems with +3, +6, +12, +21, +33, +48. 2 smaller gems make l larger gem of next level.

Q: Are there higher gems than 48?
A: Yes, you can buy receipes for higher gems in store but expensive. When you have enough gems to consider buying receipes, you will probably know if it worth it.

Q: Shall I craft my gems?
A: If you have enough: yes. The higher the gem the better. BUT: It is better to have multiple small gems in each piece of equipment, than crafting 1 gem to a high level and having equipment with empty gem slots.

Q: Can I wear each type of gem?
A: You can, but you shouldn’t. See stat points to check which gems are best for you. But again: better anything than nothing.


Q: What is reforging?
A: Finding gear with secondary stats doesn’t mean that those stats are good or what you need/want. With reforging you can completely change your set of secondaries or enhance the stats you have. Unfortunately this is not your choice and reforging can also make things worse not better.

Q: Can I lock the stat I like?
A: Yes you can. If you are lucky and one of the stats is exactly as you want it, you can use reforge locks or shardium to keep this stat while reforging again to change the others.

Q: What stats do I want?
A: Well that depends on your class but all classes probably want to have speed on each gear. The rest of the skills depends a bit on the rest of your gear, i.e. what you need to push a bit. Look at stat points to decide what you need.

Q: Which gear shall I reforge?
A: As reforging is not really cheap and a bit like gambling at the slot machine, don’t let yourself be driven away. One can spend a lot of shardium chasing for perfect stats. If you have no luck today, leave it alone and try on another day. Answering the question: No. Only reforge epic gear lvl 60 that you want to keep.

Q: What do I need for reforging?
A: You need crystals in the colour of the item you want to reforge. Remember that you can craft rare crystals from uncommon crystals and epic crystals from rare ones.


Q: What is salvaging?
A: You will find a lot of gear and inventory space is limited (unless you spend a lot of shardium to unlock slots). Salvaging means you dearrange gear you don’t need and get scraps and crystals or money for it.

Q: Do I loose my socketed gems?
A: No. No matter if you sell or salvage an item, if there is a gem in it you will get it back.

Q: How can I prevent salvaging the wrong item?
A: First of all: be careful and don’t click on all. Second: there is a check-box which allows you to lock an item so you can’t salvage it. For epic gear there is an additional confirmation pop-up.

Q: I salvaged the wrong one. What now?
A: Unlucky. There is only one way: put in a ticket and hope that the devs restore it. Be aware that there is no regular support any longer so this may take some weeks if at all.

Q: I have enough scraps. What do I do?
A: You can sell items instead of salvaging them or you can sell scrap. Selling gear is faster, scrap is sold in inventory tab. Too much green and common scrap? Craft guild emblems. Or craft gear and salvage it again to reduce scrap but get crystals for it.


Q: How to level up gear?
A: The last tab of BS is called “Level/Tier”. To level up your gear you need to craft “Level-up Kits” before. Depending on the gear you want to level up, you need common, rare or epic kits. Drag the gear in question into the empty space on the left side and then as may times on “Upgrade” as wanted and resources are available. You can level up your gear up to the level of your BS. Lvl60 is max.


*Credits to Honko for each formula 😀

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